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GOLD collection

The NOBLESS gold collection is a delightful showcase of trendy designer pieces. The collection includes Belgian designs as well as exclusive models, judiciously hand-picked from international collections. An elegant lifestyle for all.

The Nobless Gold Collection consists of the Prestige Collection, which are 18ct gold jewellery pieces with diamonds, and the Pure Collection, 18ct gold pieces with zirconium gems.

Nobless Prestige:

  • Top end luxury pieces in 18ct gold inlaid with diamonds.
  • In part an exciting collection of trendy self-created Belgian designer pieces, handcrafted in-house, in part exclusive models hand-picked from international collections.
  • Absolute masterpieces from our passionate craftsmen, with a keen eye for detail, class and prestige.
  • Unforgettable moments and emotions, captured in jewellery that oozes timeless luxury.

Discover our Prestige collection

Nobless Pure:

  • Stylish and unique pieces in 18ct gold with zirconium or other precious coloured gems, suitable for any occasion, whether casual or chic.
  • The perfect mix of impeccable lines and shapes, flawless finish and an articulate expression of savoir faire, acting to produce exclusive creations.

Discover our Pure collection

Elegance is our passion!

Gold juwellery prices depend on the gold prices.

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