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Diamonfire aims to make the world of high-end jewellery accessible to anyone with a sense of style and quality. All Diamonfire gems, which start from 4 mm, are cut by hand and compare favourably with flawless diamonds in terms of brilliance, colour and purity. Courtesy of their subtle design and perfect finish, these silver jewellery piece ooze pure class and distinction. With “The 10 Characters”, Diamonfire takes you on a stylish journey from exuberant glamour to understated chic ... .inspired by diamonds.

For a high quality finish, the perfect colour and a dash of added glamour, Diamonfire applies three coats of precious metals: palladium, platinum and rhodium, giving every single Diamonfire haute couture design the look and feel of real diamonds.

[Diamonfire's haute couture designs reflect the look & feel of real diamonds. All jewellery pieces are protected by 3 coats: Pd, Pt and Rh. All big stones are hand-cut for perfect brilliance]

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